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Welcome to LookAnd.se

Photography started when I was at school during a science class, that was me hooked on darkrooms and the smell of photographic chemicals.
The pure magic of seeing a black & white print develop in front of my eyes in white ceramic trays stays with me even now.
The first camera I used was a small Ilford Pixie 127, at the time I was very happy with the quality from this little plastic box. no enlarger I could not afford such a luxury it was all home developed contact prints.
Looking back at my old prints the quality was dreadful!.
Technology has progressed and my interest in electronics has always been very enthusiastic, I have spent decades playing around in Radio and Electronics but my interest in photography has now converged with my electronics interest in a strange mix of computers, internet and all manner of digital electronics.
Images are reduced in resolution for the internet and (c) Dave Brown all rights reserved. I hope you enjoy your look around my photography section and call back again as it's updated on a regular basis, feel free to rate or leave comments on my output.

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Weather Station, I have been asked many times "Why run a Weather Station?"

My answer is "Because I Can" simple as that.
I get a bit of a buzz from the technical achievementů yes I am a Geek.
The station is running 24/7, and uploads the latest weather conditions every 15mins to the internet.
The hardware platform is a HP ProLiant Server, this receives a data feed from a dedicated Weather Station in real time.

Flight Radar

My latest "Geek" hobby, the hardware is cheap and it's interesting to pus h the limits of the technology.

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